Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Imaginary Worlds

It's Ogre-tober! Despite being a member of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, my hectic schedule hasn't permitted me to visit their latest exhibition, Imaginary Worlds, until now. Unfortunately, the exhibit ends next week, on October 31, so if you haven't been, you need to go now!

Created by the non-profit group International Mosaiculture of Montreal, this is the first exhibition on this scale ever held in the US!

Comprised of 19 monumental living sculptures tucked throughout the garden, each steel-framed figure filled with thousands of annuals, it is truly a sight to behold. Shaggy Dog's autumn-browned grass coat bears an uncanny resemblance to my first dog, so I have to pick her as my favorite sculpture.

Earth Goddess' over 40,000 plants conceal a metal framework that took workers 3 months to construct, requiring 5 tractor trailer trucks to deliver from Canada to Atlanta, facts I learned from the free cell phone tour offered by the garden.

The revolving fish sculptures at the end of the Great Lawn invite you to sit in the shade, relax and enjoy a beautiful fall day.

All of the gorgeous purple echeveria that form the pattern on the cobra's hoods would have been a perfect choice for Atlanta's usually hot, drought-prone summers, but I bet they struggled to keep them alive through  the record-setting levels of rain we got this year!

I'd never noticed these frog sculptures in the Children's Garden before, but I was enchanted by their happy faces under the waterfall.

Also happening this month, Scarecrows in the Garden is a fun annual event where local businesses, schools, and other groups compete to win the coveted prize. 

I don't know how the judges chose the winners, they were so wildly creative, all of them were winners in my book!

We were fortunate enough to wander into the Edible Garden Outdoor Kitchen just in time for a Garden Chef Demo with Julia LeRoy. Happening on Saturdays and Sunday, from May-October at noon, 1:00PM and 2:00PM, it is worth planning your visit to coincide with one of these. We watched as a garden volunteer showed a young visitor exactly which swiss chard leaves were ready to be picked, then enjoyed seeing Julia turn them into a delicious Swiss Chard and Farro Risotto or Farrotto that we got to taste. I haven't used farro that much, but after learning how easy it is to work with, I can't wait to experiment with it!

I hope you will all make it to Imaginary Worlds before it ends! If you go, be sure and stop back by here to let me know what your favorite sculpture is!