Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Split Creek Farm

One of my favorite day trips from my parents' cabin in the woods of North Georgia is Split Creek Farm in Anderson, SC. We have been going there to stock up on their wonderful goat cheese for more years than I can remember, after we discovered their delicious cheese at Connemara, Carl Sandburg's home. Evin Evans and Patricia Bell have been running the goat dairy since 1985 and have been turning out award winning cheese, their goat cheese won the Gold Medal at the 2010 World Cheese Championship, since 1988.

You can go visit the herd of mostly Nubians and pick up some goat cheese at the shop, Monday - Saturday 9:00AM-6:00PM and Sundays 2:00PM-5:00PM. While you are there you may encounter a few of the farm's turkeys enjoying a stroll down the lane, with their heads together, deep in conversation.

The Great Pyrenees assigned to guard duty do an excellent job of protecting their charges from predators, this big guy never too his eyes off me while I was within 30 feet of the fence. Unfortunately, the predators these days are more often the two legged kind.

I love watching the goats playing their games, like the rambunctious hircine version of king of the mountain seen above. On my last visit, there was even a heavily pregnant doe with hiccups, I wished I'd brought my video camera as it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen.

Of course the very best time to visit is in the spring when they are kidding, and no, I don't mean joking. I'm talking about when there are dozens of the most adorable baby goats running around that you have ever seen, inquisitive, playful, sweet, you will want to take them all home with you.

Evin and Patricia know that the best goat cheese comes from the purest, freshest milk, so they milk twice a day and refuse to give their does hormones to encourage higher milk production, which clearly isn't needed, as their does routinely win in the national show ring, as well as for milk production. They also keep their pastures natural, with no pesticides or herbicides ever applied.

If you would like a tour of the farm, you can call 864-287-3921. The farm is located at 3806 Centerville Rd, Anderson, SC, 29625. You can also e-mail them for more information.

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