Saturday, February 12, 2011

World of Fire

The February meet-up for the Atlanta Food Bloggers Alliance was held at a new restaurant at the Prado in Sandy Springs, Fuego Mundo-World of Fire. This fast casual restaurant is the brain-child of husband and wife team Masha Hleap-Hershkovitz and Udi Hershkovitz. During a trip to Central and S America, they found themselves inspired by a meal in Panama City, nothing fancy, just flavorful wood-grilled meats and a friendly atmosphere. They brought that concept back to Sandy Springs and Fuego Mundo was born.
The most important part of the restaurant is the grill on which most menu items, including vegetables, are cooked. It is a focal point for a reason, it gives you that sense of community created by sitting around cooking and eating by an open fire. They only use non-treated oak to fire their grill and don't worry that you will leave smelling like smoke, their enormous hood vent takes care of that problem.
Meat is the star on the menu, we got to sample the churrasco and spicy chicken sausage (so good you wouldn't even know it was chicken), but they also have seafood options like honey-citrus-pepper glazed salmon and sea bass. They also cater to the vegan crowd with grilled tofu, stir fried veggies and all of their sides are vegan. The menu is dairy free and with the exception of a few desserts, gluten free.
The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with bright colored tile, and the real star of the show, the oak, prominently displayed around the restaurant.
Along with the churrasco and spicy chicken sausage, we sampled the tilapia (not pictured), the chicken and steak skewers, and a number of sides and desserts. The sauce that they baste the meat with while it is grilling is their take on a chimichurri, it's not spicy, but, along with the wood smoke, it really brings out the flavor of the meat.
What sets this place apart from a lot of fast casual restaurants is that they also serve beer and wine. They also have a deliciously fruity white sangria and a sweet red sangria. You might as well get the pitcher because that stuff goes down ridiculously easy. Fuego Mundo was kind enough to offer my readers a coupon for free yucca fries.

Fuego Mundo hosted the AFBA and provided the group with the food and beverages described above. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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